The Benefits of Sustainable Living at Gibbard District

August 22, 2018

Napanee is a town that’s known for its scenic beauty and wide range of outdoor activity venues. To preserve this stunning natural landscape, sustainable living is a key value at Gibbard District. Creating a community that facilitates sustainable living doesn’t just protect the cherished land the development is built on. It also benefits Gibbard residents and the people of Napanee in several ways. Here’s how Gibbard’s commitment to sustainable living is reflected in the community:


Maximized green space

Just as Gibbard District’s units are designed to maximize livability, the community’s outdoor space optimizes usability. Specifically, instead of being covered with asphalt driveways or parking surfaces, the property features vast green spaces, livable parks, and large plantable areas. There are also kayak and canoe docks by the lake to maximize use of the community’s waterfront setting. These features create spaces right on the property where residents can connect with nature and appreciate Napanee’s beauty.


Sustainable energy

At Gibbard District, sustainable energy plays a key role in powering the innovative community. In particular, the development’s geothermal loop will reduce energy usage by heating and cooling the property efficiently. This will have a range of benefits for Gibbard residents, the town of Napanee, and the planet. For example, the geothermal loop will take the equivalent of 64 cars off the road each year and save 1.25 million litres of fresh water by eliminating cooling towers. In addition, because the maintenance costs for buyers will be fixed for 30 years, it will provide residents with secure, affordable, and reliable energy for decades. This will ultimately reduce ownership costs for residents and boost the resale value of their unit.

Residents of the community will also benefit from the nearby waterfall. Complementing the property’s geothermal loop, the waterfall will provide a cost-saving source of hydroelectric energy.


Community revitalization

Gibbard District also promotes sustainable living through adaptive reuse. By transforming a vacant factory into a vibrant community hub, the development extends the potential and value of an existing cherished property. This revitalization of an iconic town landmark creates a new space where residents can thrive and form bonds with neighbours. It also creates a destination that will attract the public to the downtown core, create new opportunities for businesses, and stimulate the town’s economy.


Nearby nature hotspots

Because of Gibbard’s location in the heart of Napanee, residents can enjoy easy access to several nature hotspots in the surrounding community. For example, Springside Park is just across the river bank, and its trail system will connect to the waterfront community. The development is also close to prime fishing spots on the Napanee River, a number of local golf courses, breathtaking hiking trails, family-friendly campgrounds, and ski slopes. And that’s not all. The nearby marina is the gateway to Lake Ontario, the Bay of Quinte, and the Thousand Islands. Popular among international boaters, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the scenery or begin a journey.  



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