The Visionaries

Learn about the team behind Gibbard District.

Doug Pattison and Don Jackson at SilverCreek Communities are passionate, conscientious people who care deeply about the communities they work in. For over 30 years, SilverCreek has thrived through partnerships, believing both buildings and relationships require strong foundations. Pattison and Jackson are pairing skills learned in commercial development with a fresh vision and a passion for creativity to build artful communities that reflect the spirit and culture that surround them.

For over 40 years, Doornekamp Construction has been shaping Ontario’s landscape with full construction solutions from design to build. Skilled at honouring historical legacies, the company is known for transforming heritage properties, such as the Smith Robinson Building, The Woolen Mill, and Sir John A. Macdonald’s original office, into beautiful mixed-use spaces. Doornekamp now brings this unique expertise in repurposing iconic buildings to the residential market with Gibbard District.

For architecture firm Studio JCI, every community is an opportunity to re-envision a space with innovative design. By studying the physical and sociocultural context of each development, they’ve become known for designing spaces that truly embrace their surroundings. This skill set was key to transforming the iconic Gibbard Factory into a waterfront destination. By building on this legacy and leveraging its riverside location, Studio JCI has created a scenic residential community that brings modern amenities right to residents’ doorsteps.

Channel 13 is a creative agency that connects businesses to their ideal customers. Working closely with clients, they create compelling brands that align with clients’ goals, resonate with their audience, and make them stand out among their competition. Leveraging its creative expertise, Channel 13 coined the name “Gibbard District,” which provided the vision to transform what was originally a condo development into an energetic urban district and community hub. The team’s stunning visuals and stories allow home buyers to envision the lifestyle they’ll enjoy while living in the community.