A Sustainable Community Hub For Families, Friends And Neighbours.

With commercial space for potential coffee shops and restaurants, Gibbard District is a vibrant community hub where families and friends can enjoy local activities and everyday amenities.

The Piazza

Gibbard District’s piazza is a central feature of the waterfront property. Designed for both Gibbard residents and neighbours, the piazza will transform Napanee’s historic furniture factory into a vibrant hub for community activities. With retail units and a space for local gatherings, the piazza will be a place that brings together the best of Napanee.

Environmentally Friendly Living

Napanee’s natural beauty is one of its most cherished features. That’s why sustainable living is key to Gibbard District’s philosophy. The environmentally friendly community features vast green spaces, livable parks, kayak and canoe docks, and large plantable areas in place of expansive asphalt surfaces. It also reduces energy usage by incorporating a geothermal loop to heat and cool the property efficiently. This geothermal energy will have many benefits for the buyer, community, and planet. It will take the equivalent of 64 cars off the road each year and save 1.25 million litres of fresh water by eliminating cooling towers. In addition, given that the costs for buyers are fixed for 30 years, it will provide secure, affordable, and reliable energy for decades.
Because of the nearby waterfall, Gibbard District will also have access to a cost-saving source of hydroelectric energy. More broadly, the development incorporates adaptive re-use by transforming an iconic but vacant factory into a vibrant community hub. This rejuvenation creates a destination that will attract local residents to the downtown core, create new opportunities for businesses, and stimulate the town’s economy. Instead of taking its roots for granted, Gibbard District honours and preserves the land it was built on.